Anirevo Presents
@ BCIT - SE2

Anirevo Presents
@ BCIT - SE2


What is Ani Winter Fes?
Ani Winter Fes (AWF) is a celebration of all things Anime and Japanese pop culture. AWF is a more intimate event where we hone in on our panels, workshops, and contests. We aim to create a space where the community can come together and level up their passion, even in the wintertime!

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[#GIVEAWAY] 🎊 The winner of our Nintendo Switch Lite Giveaway for #AniWinterFes2020 attendees has been drawn! A big congratulations to Brianna Wong for winning a new Nintendo Switch Lite! 🥳
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That's a wrap on #AniWinterFes2020! ⛄️ Thanks everyone for coming out and we'll see you all again for #Anirevo2020 in the Summer! 🌞 ...

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‪❄️ #AniWinterFes2020 starts today! Find us at BCIT SE02 from 10AM-7PM. Ticket booths are open now! ‬
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Interested in Volunteering?
Learn, experience, laugh, and make memories and friends that'll last you a life time. Join our team of enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated volunteers and help shape the Anime community here in Vancouver BC! You'll get real life industry experience and get to work alongside some incredible people.

Event Details

Event Address

16 Goard Way, Burnaby, BC


January 25th 2020

Hours of Operation

10:00am - 7:00pm

Ticket Pricing

$20 General | $10 Kids (5-12)

Note about tickets
Please note, all ticket sales are final. Please treat your pass like cash. If you lose it, you will need to purchase another. In addition, passes are not to be shared/transferred, or duplicated. Any unauthorized tampering with your pass will result in confiscation of the pass. Due to the size of the Venue and the popularity of the event, tickets may sell out. Please plan accordingly.

Nintendo Switch Lite Contest Giveaway

That's right, we're giving away a Nintendo Switch Lite to one lucky winner for AR Winter 2020! Every attendee of Ani Winter Fes 2020 will be automatically entered into our draw.
No purchase necessary

Exhibitors and Panelists

Join the Exhbition

Artist, Vendors, and Promoters can join the event for as little as $80! As space is EXTREMELY limited, all booths are on a lottery purchase basis.


Join the Programming

Are you interested in joining the event by running a panel, contest, or workshop? Follow the link below to apply as an industry panelist!



Senkaku Mei 千革 メイ
Senmei is a blunt, spontaneous, energetic attention grabber who acts as the mascot for Anime Revolution! Found usually dressed in her racequeen outfit, Senmei takes every opportunity to be in the center of everyone’s attention! She has two mini megaphones that she utilizes to either catch everyone’s attention, or keep the crowd in check. Although she seems to be quite confident on the outside, Senmei is actually very shy and always ends up regretting or being extremely embarrassed of her antics! She will do whatever it takes to make sure people do not discover this side of her however! In her free time, Senmei is usually found loafing around and playing games all day. Even though she emits a strong aura of unreliability, Senmei always pulls through in important situations where you least expect it!

  • Nickname: Senmei (pun of Senbei 煎餅 which are Japanese rice crackers)
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Birthday: July 16
  • Height: 5’ 6”
  • Favourite Food: Choco-banana, parfait, okonomiyaki.
  • Hobbies: Gaming, Cooking (although she’s bad at it), Online Shopping

Get help in the community

Need some help? Miss getting that photo from that new friend you made at the con? Did you wanna learn more about some of the panels or events that you saw? Well, look no further! Join our growing discord channel with the link below. You'll be able to get all sorts of help from our volunteer and staff, as well as meet hundreds of members of the anime community there!